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As skiers, our environment is especially important to us. Everyday we rely on the bounty of Mother Nature to provide us our playground. Global climate change presents one of the greatest challenges to our generation, and has already begun to effect the livelihood of millions of people. The effect on snow will be one of the first indicators of this change, affecting our recreation even before it changes other aspects of our lives. Therefore, as skiers, we should be the loudest proponents of protecting our environment and do whatever we can to take positive steps towards reducing global warming.

Our 2007 film, Weather We Change, is an environmental ski movie that explores the changes that we need to make as skiers. By starting small and then building our awareness and activism every year, each one us us can make a difference. However, because carbon is a cumulative problem, acting fast can make a big difference. Below are some specific ideas from the athletes of the film as well as some other links to explore. Weather We Change was made without the use of helicopters or snomobiles. In addition, the carbon footprint (driving, travel, production) of the film was offset through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation's GreenTags program.

Miles' Suggestion: Don't use any bags at the grocery store. Get some permanent bags and leave them in your car. If your forget them, go back and get them - It will piss you off and you'll remember them next time. 12 million barrels of oil and 14 million trees go to producing plastic and paper bags each year.

Jason's Suggestion: Drive less and coordinate your trips. Each time you have to drive ask yourself if you really need to go. The United States contributes 45% of the world's automotive carbon dioxide emissions.

Duane's Suggestion: Don't use napkins or paper towels. That's what your pants are for! If you do get one of those really messy burritos, use a fork. I've gone the entire year without using a single one and it's pretty easy. Americans use an average of 2200 paper napkins per year and it's cheaper to wash cloth ones than to buy paper napkins.

Dave's Suggestion: Figure out where your energy comes from. Call your energy provider and ask, then ask if then have a renewable energy program you can sign up for. This is how we start to demand energy that's cleaner than filthy coal.

Zach's Suggestion: Work Less. Practice ski bum minimalism by working less, being thrifty, and enjoying your life more. The very best way to help the environment is to reduce your overall impact. If you have a little less money, your going to buy fewer things.

Ideal Bite Sign up for a daily email with environemtnal tips. You can also search through their archives.

Clif Bar's Save Our Snow Tour We met up with the Clif Bar SOS tour on a couple of stops in Winter 2007.

World Changing A great source for positive environmental solutions and stories. They also publish a great resource book.

Ski GreenTags Does your resort carry and support GreenTags? Ask them to.

Alison Gannett A great inspiration, and there are tons of good links there.

Native Energy Offset Your Carbon Footprint, The environment is worth well over the $100 you'll donate.


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