This movie just turned up on HBO I wanted to see it in the movie theater because I’m generally a big fan of Clint Eastwood, “Empty CHAIR” and all. I like his approach and he picks entertaining scripts. I know as a director he likes to do a few takes and then move on. I’m always amazed at how the editing is so effective with minimal coverage. But doing studio films has a lot of benefits they have a staff of editors to take on a film.

Anyway about this movie. I enjoyed it. It was a little disconcerting to see him so frail but he is closing in on the century mark god bless him that he is still able to work. They did say in this would probably be his last film. Being that it might be his last I found it a little flat. But if you take it on it’s own this was a fun entertaining film. I liked seeing Andy Garcia who also is looking very old these days. I like what they did with the cartel. I felt like he needed some other goal in life, something from a bucket list that taking the jobs would allow him to achieve. He was a selfish man and absent family guy his entire life so to believe he did it all for his family was not particularly believable.
The part where he saves a community american legion helped explain his vanity but who would take that kind of risk. They didn’t build in that he was lonely and bored in retirement as much as they could have.

But to be honest I could tear down the script all day. It was a solid screen play just not an A or oscar quality. Unfortunately I felt like it had that potential with a little more care. I know Eastwood likes to keep things simple and just went with it knowing he was going to make a solid movie. The writer did Grand Tarino which was an A script so I felt like they ripped us off a little. But to be honest The Judge was another good film also by Nick Schenk that suffered the same script issues.

I liked seeing his Bradly Cooper and Laurence Fishburne both gave solid performances. And I have also always thought Eastwoods daughter Alison Eastwood was a solid actress who deserves to be a bigger star. And Diane West cast as his dying exwife was entertaining as well. Very solid cast in this film.

Acting – 5
Story – 4
Entertainment – 4
Enjoyment – 5
Screenplay – 3
Cinematography – 4
Characters – 4
Plot Holes – 3
Production Value – 5
Overall – 4
Overall Score – 82

Honestly I feel like 82 doesn’t do this film justice but that’s the rating scale I use on this site so know that this is a solid two thumbs up recommendation even with a low B score.