When I was a kid reading comics books I used to like some of the vertigo comics. My favorite was sandman and it’s a shame they haven’t done that yet with all the comic book movies that have come out. I never heard of the comic before or this movie before today when we decided we wanted to go see a movie. The significant other loves Melissa McCarthy
so when I saw she had a new movie I knew I had no choice. I wasn’t going to see a horror movie even if it was playing in the best theater. And to be honest I love mobster stuff it’s one of my favorite genres and the concept sounded interesting to me. Then I noticed it had a 20% on Rotten Tomatoes. My prediction is that as more reviewers get around to seeing this movie the score increases. There really was nothing wrong with this movie. There was plenty of good in the production. I felt that it lacked the art design of the Tarantino film which is set less than 10 years prior. But other than this film could have been set in present. MAyve it wouldn’t have been as believable there was little to complain about. They had some of the ugliest cars I have ever seen. That period didn’t have great cars. I remember more compact asian cars due to the gas shortage. So I would argue that aspect stood out to me. I was of course a baby during the time period.

The casting was great. Common one of my favorites had a little part. The movie was entertaining. It didn’t drag. I don’t particularly love comedies. And this film wasn’t what you would expect from a McCarthy film. It was serious. And I always appreciate that in mobster films. Analyze That being an example of a mobster film that annoyed me.

I generally had no complaints with this movie and I was pleasantly surprised. Two thumbs up.

Acting – 4
Story – 4
Entertainment – 4
Enjoyment – 4
Screenplay – 4
Cinematography – 4
Characters – 4
Plot Holes – 4
Production Value – 4
Overall – 4
Overall Score – 80