Believe it or not I never saw this film. For some reason I was on wikipedia and noticed that Jack Lemmon was nominated for an Oscar for his part in this movie and I thought wait isn’t that the grumpy old guy from Odd Couple? I didn’t know he did drama. So I brought it up to my dad who said oh yeah he was great. He was very particular about which stories he got in involved in. So I ran the film last night. It was only $3.99 on amazon over the fire stick. I would say my only complaint is that I felt like the HD print wasn’t the best transfer. It’s an old film that is 40 years old at this point and the color looked a little washed out. I felt like the picture wasn’t particularly sharp. Who knows maybe that’s how it was filmed.

Let’s focus in on the good. The concept was great. We know just days after the film was released there was a nuclear melt down at three mile island showing how possible the concept of a nuke plant having an accident. Would it actually melt through the ground and dig it’s way all the way to china? Of course not. I’m pretty sure it would melt at the core. They actually explained this in the movie. Once it hit the ground water the steam it would create would stop the travel but release the contamination via steam into the atmosphere.

Not only was there zero plot holes in this movie. They did the right amount of car chases and action. They also did the right amount of corporate greed. They did the right amount of idealistic journalist fighting the system. Casting Jane Fonda was brilliant. Her character was well written as was the Jack Lemmon character.

As a fire breathing liberal I can’t say how much candy this kind of movie offers me. I understand how a lot of libertarians might object to the premise but it’s real and explains a lot about how us liberals think and feel about issues.

The sad thing is that even with the script getting nominated the three writers didn’t really do any more film work. It looks like all three of them worked in the television medium for most of their career. It’s also sad that with four nominations this film didn’t win once. But four nominations says all you need to know about why you should watch this film

I enjoyed the 70’s art direction. And I have to admit I thought about homer simpson a lot working in the nuke control room. I wonder if this film gave them some of the concept for the Simpsons.

I’m not sure I have ever scored a film 96 before. That isn’t saying this is my favorite film of all time. I would certainly give True Romance, Good Fellas and Blade Runner 100 scores. I just never thought about them in terms of numeric score other than those three films have always been perfect to me. I would probably give Poltergeist, Jaws and Alien also 100 scores. And there are many other films that would come in close to that if I spent more time thinking about it. Just know that this film ranks as a classic in my book.

Acting – 5
Story – 5
Entertainment – 5
Enjoyment – 5
Screenplay – 5
Cinematography – 4
Characters – 4
Plot Holes – 5
Production Value – 5
Overall – 5
Overall Score – 96