I’m going to be honest. I laughed a lot. And I tend to enjoy Gardians Of The Galaxy. I basically dislike super hero movies but to me that’s science fiction. I thought Dave Bautista was great in Gardians and I was convinced to go see this because I liked the idea of him being the lead in a movie. Playing a cop seemed like a good part for him. And he was pretty good as a cop. They had a few jokes about how much he bench pressed. The problem and if you look at my scoring was that the character they build didn’t match a guy who found time to hit the gym everyday. The character had a lot of baggage and it was interesting for the lead to be a broken man. Sure we have seen cop stories before when the partner was killed and they went out for revenge.

Things like a police mole turns out to be a top leader or the main boss is a plot hole that isn’t believable. Not in Los Angeles. They didn’t develop that issue.  But they had writing flaws sprinkled through out the entire film.  The uber driver who is a nice smart guy in love with a shallow california girl. Who no one would like, and I didn’t care about her.  And the cop and uber driver beating each other up. Trashed a store for no reason. I could go on and on but this script had more plot holes than swiss cheese. The over all story was pretty good. It was in major need of a rewrite.  I’m shoked that a studio would fund the film.It was well done on a certain level. It had a lot of laughs but they could have had a few less laughs and a more solid story. This was a movie that could have been an A film giving a few more rewrites. And a lot of people will really like it. It was enjoyable. I will add that at only 93 minutes long I did look at my watch a few times to figure out how much more was left. I laughed and was entertained. Just as the movie was getting to the third act I turned to my significant other and said I would be happy to leave right now. She said come on you have been laughing the entire time. But there was a point that I had enough. She liked it. She wanted to see it and that owner ship kept us there until the end. I would have left. And ultimately when it was over I wasn’t so impressed that I felt leaving in the middle was a mistake.  This movie gets two thumbs down and an F because the writer failed miserably at writing a proper story and it’s a shame because a lot of funny jokes got wasted because of the poor screen writing. I’m not sure I have ever thought a writer of a feature film was so terrible. Maybe John Carter of Mars. And that was written by the guy who has screen credits for some of Pixars best films.  So everyone can have a major dud once in a while.

Acting – 4
Story – 4
Entertainment – 4
Enjoyment – 4
Screenplay – 1
Cinematography – 3
Characters – 3
Plot Holes – 1
Production Value – 4
Overall – 1
Overall Score – 58