There wasn’t anything wrong with this version of Robin Hood. I was just not particularly entertained. I wanted to see it because I really enjoyed Rocketman mainly because I thought Taron Egerton was great. And I wanted to see something else he did. He certainly can carry a film. But even he couldn’t save a script that had no passion. When I heard this film was being made my reaction was why? Didn’t they just make one? How many times has this film been done so far? Is it that popular that they can make money just on the name alone and how could it be worth the investment. I’m really curious to hear about how this film got the green light and what was involved in the production. How did they get the money to do the film? My advice is to skip it. I would much rather have sat through Ridley Scott’s version. I haven’t seen it yet mainly because it’s another Robinhood movie. Eventhough I generally really love Ridley as he has done a few of my favorite films ever. And finally let me add. Why would jamie foxx do this film? He’s a big enough star he must have had other projects that where more interesting.

Acting – 4
Story – 3
Entertainment – 3
Enjoyment – 3
Screenplay – 3
Cinematography – 4
Characters – 3
Plot Holes – 3
Production Value – 4
Overall – 3
Overall Score – 66