Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

I want to be very transparent. This film was boring. I loved it. But I didn’t love every minutes of it. I wish Tarantino would learn that his movies would be better with a strong edit. Shorten them up. Let’s get in closer to 2 hours Quentin. I understand that this was an homage to Spaghetti Westerns so the long shots made sense. I also understand that Quentin has earned the right to be as gratuitous as he wants.

On the upside for a film buff and Tarantino fan I really loved the film. I’m a sucker for stories about Hollywood even if they are about unimportant B movie making. There was a ton of film candy for me. A cast that kept on giving. And let’s not forget it was Luke Perry’s last film. And I watch any movie that Brad Pitt is in or any movie that has Leonardo DiCaprio. Then we had Al Pacino. One of my all time favorites.

I loved being teleported to 1969. Especially all the eye candy of being in 1969 Hollywood. The art direction was incredible. They spent that $90 million budget very well. And the concept of setting it with the Charles Manson treachery offered me even more film candy.

That all being said. I would have loved a story that went into the cult more. I found the followers more interesting. But I loved how he didn’t follow the actual story it was just loosely based on history. He took liberties that only someone like Quentin would be comfortable taking. I completely expect most people to hate this film. I also expect that it is considered a flop. With that hefty budget and the P&A budget this film probably won’t make much of a profit. Maybe 10 years from now when they milk every penny from every window that they can revisit many times based on Tarantino’s name and the long list of great cast members.

I loved the music. I loved the typical Tarantino dialogue. Did he repeat stuff that he has in the past? Sure he did. I would go as far to say a few times I recognized duplicate lines from past Tarantino films. But that’s okay. I liked hearing them again in different scenarios by different actors.

Spoiler. You get a great violent ending. In typical Tarantino fashion you get that over the top gore finale. It wasn’t Django but it had the Quentin stamp for sure. One thing missing was Samuel Jackson. But did you know that Samuel is 70 years old. At some point the man is going to retire. Hopefully he gets in one last Tarantino film in before that happens. Strong B rating. Ok maybe a B- but I still loved it even with a 4 out of 5 for enjoyment. I enjoyed it but man was it boring. Note this film has a two hour 45 minute run time.

Acting – 4
Story – 3
Entertainment – 4
Enjoyment – 4
Screenplay – 4
Cinematography – 5
Characters – 5
Plot Holes – 3
Production Value – 5
Overall – 4
Overall Score – 82