This was a good film but not a great film. I don’t think it would be fair to compare it to Moonlight. Although they both have the same writer/director in Barry Jenkins. In many ways Moonlight is far superior. The box office and press coverage alone confirms that. It’s nice that hulu is running the film. No commercials guessing that hulu might only run commercials on the basic package on television shows and not movies. To me just watching this makes the discount deal we bought last black Friday worth the investment. Hulu soon will be bundled with Disney plus and ESPN for $12.99 month. Makes cutting the cord very feasible.

The best thing about this film was the acting. Solid across the board. One Oscar win for supporting actress for Regina King and I felt it was deserved. The entire cast was excellent. The production value was limited. Shame they kept the setting in the early 70’s. I guess it did reflect the time. This was a $12 million budget much more than Moonlight. I felt like moonlight was much more artfully filmed in addition to having an Oscar worthy story. This was not an Oscar worthy story. Nothing wrong with the script. I didn’t mind the non-linear way it was told. Normally I feel like that is a poor gimmick best left for Quintin Tarantino.

I didn’t know much about the project other than if it got the raves Moonlight received I would have caught it in the theater. I was expecting something about Beale Street in Memphis. Then it started with talking about New Orleans and I was more confused when it looked like the movie was taking place in New York City. But the title was a reference to the music and culture of the African American life of the time. Talking about music. My biggest complaint besides the very slow pace Barry Jenkin’s told the story was the sound track. It just didn’t help tell the story and I’m confused by it. It was annoying music that didn’t enhance the mood. And it wasn’t moonlight cinematography not that it matters. James Laxton did in fact win an oscar for Moonlight and continued to work with the director on this picture.

Acting – 5
Story – 3
Entertainment – 3
Enjoyment – 3
Screenplay – 3
Cinematography – 3
Characters – 5
Plot Holes – 3
Production Value – 3
Overall – 4
Overall Score – 70