Home Again – 2017

I actually really enjoyed this film. It had two things going for it. #1 was Reese Witherspoon who is one of my favorites. She is still as cute as she was in her twenties but maybe even better. The second thing is had going for it was that it’s set in Hollywood. As a film buff I was hooked during the opening montage where she is telling us about her father. Then she has two adorable kids and a cool Hollywood home that her father left her and I was hooked. Normally I try to avoid romantic comedies but I couldn’t pass this one up. I even skipped going to get pizza to watch it. That’s a big compliment coming from me. Of course it’s a love story so you  know something has to happen to break them up then they need to realize that their romance is the best thing that has ever happened to either one of them and in the end they end up together and living happily ever after. Of course it’s a little unbelievable that three guys who want to be in Entourage could fit into a single mom’s house. But it was a refreshing change to see twenty somethings AKA millennials actually behaving mature. You feel like they are winners and will succeed.

Screenplay – 4
Cinematography – 4
Characters – 4
Plot Holes – 4
Production Value – 4
Overall – 4
Overall Score – 80