really interesting film that tells a very important story about conversion therapy. I have long believed that this practice is torture. This film had the right tone and I think that is because it was based on a true story and the film maker tried to stay true to the story. There is enough drama that it didn’t need to be exaggerated or changed to make the movie more interesting. I’m surprised this didn’t get into Sundance as it seems like the type of project that would come out of their program. A very unque voice speaking from conviction that others need to understand that what happened here is true and does still happen today. 32 states still allow religious zealots to pray the gay away in their LBGT summer camps.

Very good acting. This is actually an Australian film that takes place in a Dallas suburb and was filmed in Atlanta. Indie productions need that tax credit. Three of the leads are Australian who do a very good job of playing Texans.

The other thing that is interesting is that Netflix wanted to buy this film but lost the bidding war to Focus Features which is an arm of Universal. I guess I have to wonder if this went to Netflix originally if it would have gotten more exposure. But I can understand the producers have a fiduciary responsibility to get the largest return for the investors.

Acting – 5
Story – 5
Entertainment – 4
Enjoyment – 4
Screenplay – 4
Cinematography – 4
Characters – 5
Plot Holes – 5
Production Value – 4
Overall – 5
Overall Score – 90