Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

I want to be very transparent. This film was boring. I loved it. But I didn’t love every minutes of it. I wish Tarantino would learn that his movies would be better with a strong edit. Shorten them up. Let’s get in closer to 2 hours Quentin. I understand that this was an homage to […]

Toy Story 4

In general I have never been much of a fan of sequels. There are a few exceptions. That usually relates to stories that are designed as trilogies. AKA star wars. But for some reason I never get tired of Toy Story movies. Even after all these years it’s nice to see the toys again. It’s […]


I’m going to be honest. I laughed a lot. And I tend to enjoy Gardians Of The Galaxy. I basically dislike super hero movies but to me that’s science fiction. I thought Dave Bautista was great in Gardians and I was convinced to go see this because I liked the idea of him being the […]

The China Syndrome

Believe it or not I never saw this film. For some reason I was on wikipedia and noticed that Jack Lemmon was nominated for an Oscar for his part in this movie and I thought wait isn’t that the grumpy old guy from Odd Couple? I didn’t know he did drama. So I brought it […]

I, Robot

I, Robot – 2004 Three Rules Of Robotics 1 – A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. 2 – A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. 3 – A […]


Overboard – 2018 While this is a remake I have never seen the original. I’m a fan of Kurt Russel and my guess is the remake lost out on any of Kurt’s genius. As far as lazy day romantic comedies go this is not bad. If your a fan of Mom this movie will deliver. […]

Home Again

Home Again – 2017 I actually really enjoyed this film. It had two things going for it. #1 was Reese Witherspoon who is one of my favorites. She is still as cute as she was in her twenties but maybe even better. The second thing is had going for it was that it’s set in […]


This was a fairly good movie. I liked the concept and I classify it as unique. Of course there is a big thread on wiki about a number of stories with a similar premise. The list includes a 60’s episode of Dr. Who. I bring that up because it’s a British show and if it […]

Robin Hood

There wasn’t anything wrong with this version of Robin Hood. I was just not particularly entertained. I wanted to see it because I really enjoyed Rocketman mainly because I thought Taron Egerton was great. And I wanted to see something else he did. He certainly can carry a film. But even he couldn’t save a […]